About Us

Guiding You Towards Your Best Self

With NorthNode at our side, we face and get through life’s toughest challenges together.

Our team is composed of qualified licensed clinicians, professionally certified therapists, and experienced coaches who are committed to providing quality therapeutic care that is free of stigma, and filled with hope. We’ve taken special care to assemble a team that can better serve and understand the growing needs of multicultural, LGBTQ+, and diverse people. 

At NorthNode, our mission is to treat the whole person. We are committed to teaching you the proper wellness tools that will allow you to take back control of your life. We are proud to help guide and support you along your unique journey towards a full life of possibilities. 


The NorthNode Way:

Understanding: We work to see the person, treat the issues, and build strong individuals.

Accountability: We are dedicated to achieving goals we set for ourselves and our clients through small attainable steps. We are flexible and creative in analyzing each situation individually.

Diversity: Aim to continuously build a welcoming and inviting environment that best represents the greater community. We understand that in order to be truly effective we must not allow cultural stereotypes to get in the way of our counseling theory and practice.

Being Present: Create a balance between the clinical necessities and their best emotional interests.

Socially Conscious: As the world’s attitudes change on different cultural issues, we aim to stay ahead of the curve and adopt a growth mindset.

 To build mental wellness acceptance for future generations by shattering stereotypical norms