NorthNode Road to Recovery


Our specialized recovery program addresses the underlying issues that can cause addiction from spiraling out of control.We provide comprehensive counseling services that can give you the keys to personal freedom from addiction. 

We built our program around a judgement-free zone. We believe in treating the issue and helping the person. Recovery from bad habits formed over time can take time to unwind and reset. Every person’s journey is unique. That’s why it’s important that you have the right support system around you, to lift you and guide you. You don’t have to do this alone. 

Our outpatient Road to Recovery Program allows for clients to maintain their employment status and personal freedom.

Did you know that: Genetics, and the impact of one’s environment, accounts for about 40% to 60% of a person’s risk of addiction.

At NorthNode, we don’t look at addiction as a personal failing, but as a trying hardship that can be overcome with the right guidance and support. 

In America, more people are addicted than ever before. We believe that a mixture of your environment, the companies that heavily influence your behavior to continue the addiction.

The different types of addiction issues we treat:

Alcohol Dependence

Opioid Drugs

Prescription Drugs

Eating Disorders


Illicit Drugs

Can I get Mental Health counseling while in the recovery program?

Yes, you can. A large percentage of people who form addictions, also suffer from untreated mental health or behavioral issues. We call this a co-occurring disorder (dual diagnosis). At NorthNode we treat both. 

Did you know that: Most co-occurring conditions are formed as a way for your body and mind to cope with recurring issues not being addressed. These unhealthy habits are formed as a self-response mechanism to survive day-to-day life, when living with an undiagnosed behavioral or physical issue (stress, anxiety, chemical imbalance, and others). 

What type of recovery plan can I expect?

The treatment plan we create is personalized to each individual client’s needs and is developed in consultation with them. A clinically supervised management team conducts all the interventions. All case management activities assist the client in the progression of his or her recovery; from being drug and alcohol dependent to becoming a productive, independent member of the community.

For many, treatment is a long-term process that can involve multiple interventions and ongoing regular monitoring. If you are struggling with addiction, our team can help you. Contact us today to learn more or schedule an appointment.

It is truly possible to become addiction-free and enjoy a healthy, satisfying life. In order to establish a foundation for ongoing recovery, one must not only recognize and accept the need for chemical abstinence but also undergo changes in attitude, behavior, lifestyle, and values. 

NorthNode Addiction Recovery Therapy


NorthNode clients learn about their disease and the process of recovery through individual counseling and group sessions facilitated by licensed clinicians and credentialed addiction counselors. The addiction counselor guides each patient through the treatment experience, arranging for and accessing resources as clinically appropriate. Specific issues such as anger, assertiveness, disordered eating, gender, grief, trauma, gambling, sexual compulsivity, and other potential obstacles to lifelong recovery are also addressed. Our method is a more effective way to guide you out of survival mode and walk back to a satisfying life with purpose.

One-On-One Therapy & Counseling

Our addiction counselors and mental health professionals work closely together under the NorthNode way to provide you options.

Family Therapy

The biggest lessons for family members come from understanding that you can’t control your loved one’s drug or alcohol addiction, but you can take responsibility for your own health and happiness. Years of addiction can throw a family into chaos, resulting in anger, lack of trust, hopelessness, and resentment. It is only by getting involved in a patient’s treatment plan that the entire family can begin healing.

Our Family Education Program enables family members to learn about addiction, including how addiction progresses and the ways relationships are affected.

Group Counseling

A group setting is a wonderful collaborative process that lets you build emotional support with others who share similar life experiences to your own. and helps you realize that you are not alone in your struggle. It is a widely utilized approach in the addiction treatment world because of its success in educating and preparing individuals for the world outside of treatment center walls. Group therapy is conducted by addiction counselors and mental health professionals and involves recovering peers coming together to discuss specific topics about addiction.

Co-Occurring Disorders

A NorthNode mental health professional is designated to you if you have a co-occurring diagnosis. You will learn more about your disorders in order to effectively manage and develop the right skills to properly cope in order to live your best life. We direct your therapy towards achieving your goals, reduce emotional stress while strengthening social and interpersonal skills.

Medication Management

Medication may be available to you. Each case is reviewed by your team of specialists. Please discuss with your counselor for more information.


Adult Day And Evening IOP Schedule

At NorthNode, our goal is to help you get back to living your life as normally and productively as possible, as soon as possible. We know you have a home life to maintain and that you need to find or keep your job or attend school.

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is conveniently scheduled 3 days per week to accommodate your need for family, work, and school time, and your need to work on your recovery:

  • Daytime Group Sessions and Evening Group Sessions are available 
  • Clinical Assessments by appointment please call 302-257-3135
  • Individual Counseling by appointment please call 302-257-3135


Outpatient Therapy Schedule

If you need to attend your group, counseling session or a class in the evening, we arrange for that. If you need to have your therapy in the morning, we arrange that as well. All of your scheduling concerns will be addressed in the course of your first interview and assessment.

To schedule an appointment or arrange for a clinical assessment for the adult intensive outpatient program (IOP), please call 302-257-3135