NorthNode clinicians recognize each patient as an individual with the potential for lifelong recovery from the disease of addiction.

Addiction is characterized by chemical changes in the brain
that lead to behavioral, mental/emotional changes including compulsive, uncontrollable cravings and drug seeking and abuse. It affects every aspect of an individual’s life. Without treatment, addiction is a serious, escalating disease leading to tolerance, physical dependence, nutritional complications, mental and emotional health problems, family/legal/financial issues and possibly premature death.

Each therapist is guided by their training and the NorthNode philosophy to tailor the treatment approach to each patient’s unique situation. We provide thoughtful individualized options to help you make progress towards meeting your goals.

Our goal is to simplify the recovery process through the wide array of addiction rehabilitation services offered in our outpatient recovery program. Socialization, relapse prevention, peer support, vocational activities, living skills, and other groups may be incorporated to assist in the patient’s development of adequate life skills and to exert positive control over the symptoms of his or her addiction. Tailoring treatment in this way ensures each patient the most effective approaches and the best opportunity for recovery.

NorthNode covers all aspects of mental wellness by finding solutions that work for you.



NorthNode clients learn about their disease and the process of recovery through individual counseling and group sessions facilitated by licensed clinicians and credentialed addiction counselors. The addiction counselor guides each patient through the treatment experience, arranging for and accessing resources as clinically appropriate. Specific issues such as anger, assertiveness, disordered eating, gender, grief, trauma, gambling, sexual compulsivity, and other potential obstacles to lifelong recovery are also addressed.


Addiction counselors and mental health professionals work closely together under the NorthNode model of care, from daily consultation about patients, to co-facilitating group-therapy sessions. A mental health professional is designated to all clients with a co-occurring diagnosis such as depression or anxiety disorder. Clients diagnosed with a co-occurring disorder learn how alcohol and other drug use can increase mental health problems. Individual psychological therapy is goal-directed, with the patient focusing on behavior and skill development to reduce emotional stress and strengthen social, interpersonal, and vocational skills. Topic-focused group psychological therapy provides opportunities to share information, insights, and emotional support with other clients. If needed, medication management and referral assistance may be provided.


Group therapy is a collaborative process that lets you come together with others who share similar life experiences to your own and helps you realize that you are not alone in your struggle. It is a widely utilized approach in the addiction treatment world because of its success in educating and preparing individuals for the world outside of treatment center walls. Group therapy is conducted by addiction counselors and mental health professionals and involves recovering peers coming together to discuss specific topics about addiction.


Addiction is a family disease. The biggest lessons for family members come from understanding that you can’t control your loved one’s drug or alcohol addiction, but you can take responsibility for your own health and happiness. Years of addiction can throw a family into chaos, resulting in anger, lack of trust, hopelessness, and resentment. It is only by getting involved in a patient’s treatment plan that the entire family can begin healing. Our Family Education Program enables family members to learn about addiction, including how addiction progresses and the ways relationships are affected.

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