Mental Health Services

Services Offered

Your mental health affects everything. How you think, act, and feel depends on your ability to cope and manage normal everyday issues, and the eventual challenges life throws at you. 

No one is perfect. We aren’t born with a guidebook or resources on how to handle life. Your emotional, psychological, and social well-being can determine whether you live your best life, can make the best decisions, and truly take ownership over your future. 

Meanwhile, your mental health is always evolving as we grow into different stages of life. The issues that face adolescents, mid-life and the elderly are very different. Then add in social pressures, cultural issues, and other challenges.

Sometimes we are born with behavioral imbalances. Maybe you’ve noticed a family pattern? The amount of complexities are endless. And, keeping your mental health in check is vital to your physical health.

You don’t have to continue living a half-life. That’s where NorthNode comes in to help.

Youth Programs

We are excited to announce NorthNode’s After School Youth Programs are returning in mid-August. Our programs offer unique, scientifically approved group therapies that are fun and engaging hands-on learning experiences. The programs are specifically designed to build-up confidence and improve your child’s social skills, while helping them develop healthy mental health coping skills that will allow them to thrive into adulthood.  

These programs are FREE and are paid for by the state of Delaware for those who qualify. In order to be accepted you must fill-out an application below.

Individual Therapy

Developing a one-on-one counseling relationship with our therapists will allow you to manage anxiety, tackle the issues you are facing, and figure out the best healthy coping skills.  

Having a DIY mentality of fixing your mental health issues yourself or for your family can often be tempting. Trying to tackle a person’s emotional health by an untrained professional can actually produce very negative reactions, by pushing that person away from the help they need. Or, could make you self-isolate and develop unhealthy habits to cope.

Remember, masking a water-damaged wall with new paint doesn’t fix the leak.

NorthNode’s therapists have gone through expert training to understand and spot issues and help you deal with it head-on.

Our counseling services are designed to be realistic and achievable goals.

Group Therapy

Life is challenging and sometimes lonely. You might be living through a major event like a divorce, job loss, or grief. You might be living with everyday anxiety or imposter syndrome. Some may be trying to carry on from past traumatic experiences. Having an entire community behind you might be the right type of support you need.

We have gender specific groups that tackle similar issues. Or, non-gendered issue specific groups like, age-based (kids, teens, elderly), faith-based, or LGBTQ+.

Our men’s support group is a popular introduction for those new to mental health or considering one-on-one therapy. 

The benefits of group therapy gives you the chance to listen, observe, and reinforce that you aren’t alone. You celebrate each other’s wins while trying to overcome personal obstacles.

Family Therapy + Couples Counseling

Family is one of the strongest foundations for our lives. Often, families fight over things as simple as communication issues. Or, it could be that one family member needs treatment to improve their life. 

Families go through life’s stresses together. Ensuring that each member is doing their best and being heard allows for your family unit to rebuild the relationship even stronger. NorthNode’s certified counselors can help get to the root of the problem.

Addiction Recovery Therapy

At NorthNode, our goal is to help you get back to living your life as normally and productively as possible, as soon as possible. We know you have a home life to maintain and that you need to find or keep your job, or attend school.
The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is conveniently scheduled 3 days per week to accommodate your need for family, work, and school time, and your need to work on your recovery:
  • Daytime Group Sessions and Evening Group Sessions are available 
  • Clinical Assessments by appointment please call 302-257-3135
  • Individual Counseling by appointment please call 302-257-3135
If you need to attend your group, counseling session or a class in the evening, we arrange for that. If you need to have your therapy in the morning, we arrange that as well.
All of your scheduling concerns will be addressed in the course of your first interview and assessment.
To schedule and appointment or arrange for a clinical assessment for the adult intensive outpatient program (IOP), please call 302-257-3135.
Our Road to Recovery Program

Addiction Counseling

NorthNode clinicians recognize each patient as an individual with the potential for lifelong recovery from the disease of addiction.

NorthNode clinicians understand the lifelong potential each person has in order to successfully live in recovery. We see you the person and we understand how to guide you through the disease of addiction.

Addiction leads to behavioral, mental/emotional changes including compulsive, uncontrollable cravings. It affects every aspect of an individual’s life. Without treatment, addiction is a serious, escalating disease that builds tolerance, then physical dependence, nutritional complications, mental and emotional health problems, family/legal/financial issues and possibly premature death.

Each therapist is guided by their training with the NorthNode philosophy in mind to treat the whole person, not just the problem. We tailor treatment to your unique situation. We provide thoughtful individualized options to help you make progress towards meeting your goals.

Our goal is to simplify the recovery process through the wide array of addiction rehabilitation services offered in our outpatient recovery program. Socialization, relapse prevention, peer support, vocational activities, living skills, and other groups may be incorporated to assist in the patient’s development of adequate life skills and to exert positive control over the symptoms of his or her addiction. Tailoring treatment in this way ensures each patient the most effective approaches and the best opportunity for recovery.

NorthNode covers all aspects of your mental wellness by finding solutions that work for you.