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Our expert staff offers personalized, comprehensive care to help clients achieve recovery and make better choices every day. The goal of treatment is to create, within you, the skills and ability to remain clean and sober at home – in your life with the people you love and who love you. Our deepest commitment is to help you maintain your recovery, without relapse. As committed as you are to your recovery, so are we.

Exec Team


Toni Jordan



Cora Banks

Chief Strategy Officer

Angela Robinson, NorthNode Clinical Director

Angela Robinson

Clinical Director


Martha Bell, NorthNode Practice Administrator

Marti Bell

Director of Human Resources

roxy boyd

Roxy Boyd

Administrative Assistant


Keegan Northnode

Keegan Evans

Clinical Supervisor

Dee Carillo, NorthNode Therapist

Deyadira Carillo

Clinical Therapist


Charles T. Hughes


Sade Smith

Sade M. Smith

Clinical Therapist


Clarence J. Cummings

Peer Specialist

candice reynolds

Candice L. Reynolds

Nurse Practitioner

shekeyia baker

Shekeyia A. Baker

Clinical Therapist

maegan soll

Maegan A. Soll

Clinical Therapist

Charles Robinson-Snead

Charles Robinson-Snead

Outpatient Therapist

LaToya Waples

LaToya C. Waples