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Cynthia "Cindy" Prange

BS, CADC, CCDP – Counselor

Provides SUD outpatient and TSF services

Who is she?

I have been treating adults and seniors in the criminal justice system for more than 20 years. I specialize in working with those who have co-occurring mental disorders, those in sober living and early recovery. My clinical expertise includes working with those who live with depression, grief,  sober living, and substance abuse recovery.

It’s important to me that your needs are heard and your choices are explored.  Everyone has choices, that is why we will break down your thought-patterns that led you to those past choices, and then work together on how you can improve when making new choices that are good for you. Commitment to change is needful, so you will find encouragement to continue on the path you have chosen, in order to be well.  My goal for you is wellness and stability.  

I have experience working as a Licensed Addiction Counselor in two High School Wellness Centers in Delaware, and as a Beverage Supervisor. A client can expect me to be empathetic, honest and a good listener. He or she can expect me not to be judgmental but understanding. I will work with you where you are currently at on your journey to become sober. We will both learn a lot from one another. I take life one-day-at-a-time and will remind you to do the same, as well. There is no magic pill in recovery, but I have faith that we can all recover when we put in the work required. Recovery is a lifetime process, and I will help you on your way to recovery. No one is perfect, and we all may be in need of help at some point in our lives for different reasons. You are not alone.

Depending on which therapy is right for you, I provide both Group Therapy and/or Individualized Therapy (one-on-one).


One of the highlights of my career that I truly enjoy has been teaching those around me the knowledge I’ve accumulated, especially teaching children.

I earned an Associates Degree in Human Services at Delaware Technical Community College in Dover, DE, and a Bachelor of Science for Psychology at Wilmington University, in Dover, DE.

More About

If you are interested, I provide both Group Therapy and/or Individualized Therapy (one-on-one), depending on which one is right for you.

Some fun information about me is that I’m known as the “cat whisperer”. I love God and my family.

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