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Whitney L. Durant

Medical Assistant-OBOT Program Coordinator

Administration Billing Customer Service Insurance Management

Compliance Drug Analysis
Medication Management

Who is she?

For more than fifteen years, I have been helping my Adolescents and Adult Clients to reach their maximum potential by helping to educate and manage the right combination of medication for their mental health.

Eugene Bell Jr. once said, “I Aspire to Inspire Before I Expire” – and I really live by this philosophy. It simply means that one should learn something and stand as an inspiration to one another. I believe all of us have seeds of greatness within us.  In order for that to grow, we need to nurture ourselves. I lead life through the convictions of my beliefs and I’m happy to talk about it if you are comfortable: We were created in the image of God, He has left His “fingerprints” all over our lives.  Our ability to think, reason, create, discover, and much, much more, proves that each one of us is special and unique.  Rest assured that each of us has a purpose – and I believe you are here for a reason!  We all face difficult challenges from time to time, but one thing is true; every life has great worth and incredible value. Though our time here on this planet is relatively brief, each of us should aspire to do what we can to inspire and help others live a good productive life.

I’ve seen it all and pride myself on being able to help any client in need. I’m motivated, understanding, and kind and hope to make your journey here at NorthNode as seamless as possible.


She attended Delaware Technical Community College and has been Certified as a Medical Assistant from the National Healthcare Association.

More About

I’m a fun loving Delawarean and the mother of three teenage children. I’ve always prided myself on my true passion for helping and caring for people; and being able to lend a helping hand in any way possible. Listening, Being Kind, Attentive, and being Respectful and available are key!! You never know what the next person may be going through so why not spread Love!

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